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Vettiver loofa (Natural vettiver)

Vettiver loofa (Natural vettiver)

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Vetiver (also known as Khus or Lavancha) have been used traditionally in India for its cooling and calming properties. Vetiver roots are aromatic, antiseptic and sedative. Vetiver roots release aroma as they get wet. They are dense in fibre hence they can be used to make wellness products which can provide utility and healing benefits both. Cooling- As these products come in direct contact with body, they heal body with their cooling effect. 

An Ayurvedic herbal bath scrub made from vetiver roots, promises a refreshing, organic, deodorizing and antiseptic, exfoliating bath.


100% NATURAL – Made using Vetiver roots.

FAIR-TRADE - Hand-crafted by empowered rural artisans.

ECO-FRIENDLY - 100% bio-degradable.

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